Ocala, FL—Florida-bred entries set new high marks at last week’s Ocala Breeders’ Sales Two-Year-Olds in Training March edition. Timely news that Florida state legislators had approved ongoing renewals of $32.5 million annual Florida breeding and racing incentives, a package championed by the Florida Thoroughbred Breeders’ and Owners’ Association, no doubt helped fuel that enthusiasm.

The ongoing incentives, awaiting approval from the Governor, helped to establish a 22% year-on-year jump in the foaled-in-Florida sales average to $137,991, up from $113,474 in March, 2023. That increased average was only partly induced by a Florida-produced juvenile by Florida sire Win Win Win hammering at $1.8 million, doubling last year’s $900,000 Florida-produced top seller. The remaining effect derives from a total of five Florida speedsters landing at or above $500,000, compared to two and three such exhibits in 2023 and 2022, respectively.

Gross foaled-in-Florida hammer prices topped at $7,578,500, a 17% lift from last March’s $6,468,000. The median Florida sales price settled at 9% growth to $60,000, verifying a robust marketplace for all participants.

Five Year Uptrend Continues

Even as the 2024 results show new high marks, a five-year review of foaled-in Florida trends at OBS March point only upwards.

Average prices have more than tripled, beginning at $44,186 in 2020. The Sunshine median prices, ever a model of steady progress, have managed to more than double in that same period.


March price-toppers have gained exponentially to contribute many miles of four-board fence in the Ocala region. It seems that national buyers prefer a Florida winner over a Florida chaser.


Across-the-board increases mean the Florida gross at OBS March must rise proportionally.  The 17% gain year-on-year owns only a portion of the 58% sum of gains since 2020.


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