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Florida breeders annually produce more stakes winners than all other states outside Kentucky. And, about 75% of Thoroughbred two-year-olds winter train in Florida.


Establish eligibility for FTBOA Breeder Awards and FTBOA Florida-bred racing incentives.

Foals of 2023:
Foal Registration: August 31, 2023
Extended Foal Registration: December 31, 2023

Activate and sustain (with annual renewal) stallion owner eligibility for FTBOA Stallion Awards and establish foal crop eligibility for FSS racing incentives.

Last Chance Stallion (for foals of 2024): November 15, 2023
Stallion (for foals of 2025): February 15, 2024
Extended Stallion (for foals of 2025): August 1, 2024
Last Chance Stallion (for foals of 2025): November 15, 2024

The Florida Horse Annual Stallion Directory Publication Deadline: October 1

Establish eligibility for Florida-Sired racing incentives at Florida racetracks.

Foals of 2022:
Yearling: May 15, 2023 ($250) or November 15, 2023 ($500)
2-Year-Old Sustaining: January 15, 2024 ($250) or February 28, 2024 ($500)
2-Year-Old Standalone: January 15, 2024 ($5,000)
2-Year-Old Last Chance: May 1, 2024 ($10,000, unstarted 2yo’s only)

Foals of 2023:
Yearling: May 15, 2024 ($250) or November 15, 2024 ($500)
2-Year-Old Sustaining: January 15, 2025 ($250) or February 28, 2025 ($500)
2-Year-Old Standalone: January 15, 2025 ($5,000)
2-Year-Old Last Chance: May 1, 2025 ($10,000, unstarted 2yo’s only)

FTBOA memberships offer reduced foal registration fees, purchasing discounts and support the industry.

Annual Renewal: March 31

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78 years

Through our 5 pillars to establish an exclusive community of Florida thoroughbreds. All FTBOA members can take advantage from a variety of local companies to research our champions. Learn why we are the horse capital of the world!


FTBOA registered Florida-breds and Florida sires are eligible for substantial purse and racing incentives.

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From equine supplies to education and restaurants to rental cars, FTBOA has discounts and services for its members that will benefit you as you support the industry you love.

Florida Thoroughbred

FTBOA’s charitable arm has raised more than $3.5 million since 1990 to fund Thoroughbred retirement, youth education and academic scholarships.

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