According to the Equine Disease Communication Center and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, a private facility in Lee County in Florida has been placed under quarantine by the FDACS as of Dec. 15 due a horse testing positive for strangles.

Only the animals under quarantine have additional travel restrictions. The horse under quarantine is not allowed to leave the premises.

A 10-year-old Quarter Horse gelding was confirmed by a FDACS veterinary medical officer in Lee County with strangles after an onset of clinical signs including nasal discharge on Dec. 11 and confirmed on Dec. 13. The affected gelding is alive and the vaccination status is unknown.

There were 39 other horses exposed.

This is the 39th confirmed cases of strangles in Florida in 2023.

The incubation period is between three to 14 days according to the EDCC.

Also known as Strep Equi, Strangles is a highly infectious bacterial infection that is spread from horse to horse through direct contact and by coming into contact with a contaminated surface. It is common and most horses are exposed and/or infected at a young age.

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