LEXINGTON, KY—In preparation for the revised rules under the Racetrack Safety Program taking effect on July 8, 2024, the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority has released a comprehensive set of educational materials. These resources are designed to help stakeholders familiarize themselves with the updated rules, promoting smooth compliance and enhanced safety within the horse racing industry. 


Revised Racetrack Safety Program
Educational Resources






Registration Rule
Educational Resources




These materials are designed to provide clear, accessible information to support all those involved in Thoroughbred racing, from veterinarians and trainers to racetrack staff and regulatory officials.


Webinars and Upcoming Town Hall

In recent weeks, HISA has conducted several webinars specifically tailored to stewards, trainers and veterinarians. Recordings of the Trainer Webinar and Veterinary Webinar are available on the HISA website.

Additionally, HISA will host a town hall webinar on July 8, open to members of the media and the general public. This event will provide an overview of the new rules and offer a platform for questions and discussions. More information about the town hall webinar can be found here.


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