LEXINGTON, KY—The Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority is pleased to announce that the proposed rule changes to its Racetrack Safety Program have been officially approved by the Federal Trade Commission. These changes will take effect on July 8, 2024, allowing for a 30-day window during which HISA will provide an educational campaign for industry participants.

“The approval of these rule changes marks a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to enhance the safety and integrity of Thoroughbred horse racing,” HISA CEO Lisa Lazarus said. “We are committed to working closely with all industry participants during this transition period and beyond to ensure these new standards are fully understood and effectively implemented.”

HISA’s updated Racetrack Safety rules include revisions developed after extensive dialogue and feedback from industry participants, including the Horsemen’s Advisory Group. The changes, shaped by hundreds of comments from racing stakeholders, aim to enhance the safety and integrity of horse racing nationwide.

Highlights include:

  • Updated void claim rule
  • A second waiver claiming option
  • Changes to certain intra-articular injection standdown times
  • Updates to prohibited practices
  • Updates to qualifications for placement on and removal from the vets’ list
  • Enhanced safety protocols required at race meets

The newly approved rules are available in full here.

In anticipation of the new rules taking effect, HISA will launch a 30-day educational campaign to help prepare racing industry participants for the changes. This educational campaign will include handbooks, webinars, posters, HISA Portal messaging and social media outreach.

In addition to the Racetrack Safety rules, the Federal Trade Commission has approved the changes HISA proposed to the Registration Rules, which will take effect on July 1, 2024 and include the following updates:

  • Any entity that owns a Covered Horse must register with HISA;
  • Any veterinarian who provides veterinary services to Covered Horses must register with HISA; and
  • Responsible Persons must update a Covered Horse’s location within 24 hours and report equine fatalities within 72 hours.

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